Kiwi Quinoa Quality

Kiwi Quinoa Quality

We pride ourselves on producing locally grown quinoa which is superior in quality, taste and functionality.

Kiwi Quinoa is a unique ‘sweet variety’ which does not contain bitter saponins found in most other quinoa. As a result it is wholegrain, without the requirement of processing and polishing to remove the saponin. This makes it more user-friendly in the kitchen and helps retain its complete nutritional profile while giving a unique golden colour and a mild, nutty taste with no bitterness.

Food safety and quality are central to our beliefs and are both a vital part of growing our business.

Kiwi Quinoa operates under the Food Act 2014 through a New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries approved Food Control Plan. Additionally we are an NZGAP approved grower. We partner with market leaders throughout our supply chain in science, harvesting, testing, logistics, manufacturing, packaging and distribution.

We do not apply any herbicide, insecticide or pesticide sprays on our quinoa plants. We focus on feeding our quinoa in a specific and tailored manor in order to achieve healthy plants which outcompete weeds and pests. Additionally we use independent laboratories for a wide range of testing.

All of this gives our customers confidence that they are buying the highest quality quinoa in both New Zealand and the world.